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More in Italy!

Diane Seed preparing roast chicken with wine
Donna fries apulian fritters
Having prosecco and campari - Perhaps the most we spent for cocktails...but promised a great view (of course i couldn't see much)...but the hors d'oeuvres were fabulous
produce at the palermo market
Making zucchini risotto
Tripe on crostini at grano in Roma. Ok...but I still don't like tripe.
Lunch at da augustino in trestevere...
Baccala with tomato and chicory with garlic and olive oil
Il conto...the bill written to the paper table covering!
Shakerado...Iced espresso, shaken
Little sfizi..snack with drinks. Like happy hour. Little pizza, crostini
Peter checks out the fruit...Ok, maybe he's posing
Beautiful little hors d'oeuvres at the terrazza at hotel Eden
Less fancy (sfinzi...little apps) at campo di fiori
at the market in palermo
our guide and chef, vincenzo at the market
picking the best tomatoes
cooking with vincenzo's mama at the ristorante, CinCin
stirring the vegetables for the tartino
with chef vincenzo
traditional sicilian caponata
boiling the gnocchi
finished gnocchi
breakfast on the terrace
seafood with couscous...specialty of northwestern sicily

In Italy!

Morning caffe at sant'eustachio
smoked swordfish on arugula
Paccheri...pasta course, dinner at "trattoria" modern ristorante near pantheon. Fresh pasta stuffed with ricotta. Sundried tomato sauce.
pizza to go...thin crispy...fresh mozzarella basil